Water Removal

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Damage from water in your home, office or institution is something most people never plan for. So when it happens you need professionals to dry out and restore everything that makes your house a home or an office/business or institutional functional.

Time is critical when responding to a water loss. Sink overflows, water-pipe breaks, floods, sewer backups, and sprinkler system problems all require an immediate response. Experienced technicians are vital for successful restoration. Our specialists are experienced in the handling of water mitigation, mold, dehumidification systems, corrosion control, sewage backup contamination clean-up, and reinstallation techniques. The longer you wait; the more likely mold will grow.

Fortune Restoration and Reconstruction addresses water everywhere

A lot of restoration companies miss critical elements for effective drying. Buildings act the way that sponges do –soaking up everything they come into contact with – so just because you don’t see any visible water doesn’t mean that the building is completely dried. Basement and attic damage are particularly tricky to handle because of hidden moisture and moist and humid conditions that are the ideal breeding grounds for mold growth. That’s why it is very important to use a restoration company that are experts at delivering all aspects of water restoration to your residential or commercial property.

When Fortune Restoration and Reconstruction arrives at your location, we’re immediately on alert for all water issues, whether its from broken or leaky pipes, toilet or sink overflow, or water heater, dishwasher, or refrigerator malfunctions. Our technicians look deeper than the surface level and measure moisture at the stud, insulation, and sill plate level. We then create a moisture map of the affected area and closely monitor moisture content, temperatures, and relative humidity levels on a daily basis. Our thoroughness and dedication to completely drying out your home is one of the unique advantages of working with Fortune Restoration and Reconstruction. We have the equipment and expertise to get the job done right – the first time.

Trained and Certified Specialists

The water and flood specialists at Fortune Restoration and Reconstruction are trained and certified in rapid response for all water situations, performing water removal and drying practices put out by IICRC regulations. Addressing cleanup within the first 24-48 hours is crucial when it comes to mitigating the damage and preventing long-term problems, such as the growth of toxic mold. In some cases delaying the response can mean the difference of whether or not the problem will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

Your Restoration Company

One of our core values is to provide high-quality service to our customers and we ensure that all of our remediation and restoration projects are done with inspiring high standards that satisfy the expectations of our customers. We proudly serve the surrounding areas with a large array of restoration services for all residential and commercial property victims. If you’re suffering from an emergency, don’t wait to call. Call Fortune Restoration and Reconstruction today so we can address the problem right away and prevent further damage from occurring!

Backups, sink or toilet overflows, spills, severe weather, and flooding – these are the things that disasters are made of and that every homeowner or businessperson dreads having to deal with. Water affects residences and commercial properties, such as schools, factories, and offices, alike. While the water may dissipate on its own, the damage left in its wake will not fix itself and may actually lead to a number of problems to pop up later down the road.

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